A Dog’s Life

Do not forget my blueberry muffinDo not forget my blueberry muffin

Get off that phone - we'll miss the trainGet Off That Phone – We’ll miss the train

I said double espresso - not waterI said douible espresso – NOT water

Walking The HumanWalking The Human

Where did he hide the keysWhere did he hide the keys

I have often wondered what goes through the minds of animals – in particular dogs. What we do to please the dog…….I actually wonder how much the dog contemplates about humouring us!! I am not a mental health specialist, I am a photographer, so this is the theme of my exhibition during June 2018. I have already had a couple of outings with this at club level to garner reactions – and the best have been from dog-lovers themselves as they appreciate the fact more than others that dogs are not just inanimate objects.