XII Florence Biennial, Italy – October 2019

Michael-J-Duke (2)

I was introduced to this arts festival by the on-line galleries in the USA who run the monthly competitions that I like to enter. The galleries are a wonderful way of finding out what ‘goes’ – and what doesn’t. By the time the advertising for the XIIth Florence Biennial came out, I felt that I have achieved enough feedback to at least apply and try for a place. I was thrilled when I received the e-mail back saying that my work and my background were approved and that I was receiving a formal invitation to be part of the festival. I was also glad of the help and assistance of the management who guided me through the paperwork and planning, ensuring that I was in order more than a year in advance of the show. This is a new experience for me and I will be cherishing the time in Florence. Here is a selection of my images going to Florence.Escalators In London

Messing with Desktop Tools

Stairway to the computer

The Chain Ferry