Inside Out In The City/Eating Out In The City

This all started when I moved my office from North Finchley to Lombard Street in London’s City Square Mile. The last time I was in this area had been a very long time back and the changes were spectacular and I spent whatever time I could exploring the area. I have now stopped behaving like a typical tourist on holiday and am re-visiting various points looking at details rather than the typical travelogue images. This is when I hit on the double header for this project with a view to creating my next exhibition.
1 - Leadenhall Market

2 - Near Bloomsberg Place

3 - Q Victoria Street air vent becomes a coffee bar

4 - Q Victoria Street pop up stand by the church

5 - Liquid Lunch in Watling STreet

6 - Queuing for lunch near St Pauls Cathedral

7 - Rainy liquid lunch in Leadenhall Market

8 - Lunch on the steps of St Pauls

1 - Looking out of the Royal Exchange

2 - Cosy Coffee Corner

3 - Princes Street

4 - Cornhill

5 - Cornhill

6 - Cornhill

7 - Lombard Street

8 - Bell Yard

9 - Looking from 22 Bishopsgate

10 - St Margarets Place

11 - Bloomberg Place

12 - No 1 Poultry

13 -Liverpool Street from the station exit

14 - Walk on by

15 - View from the entry of St Pauls

16 - Two sides of Liverpool Street Station

17 - The Church and The Gherkin