International Awards


Photographic Salons are competitions where photographers at every level from amateur to professional are invited to enter images in various categories. Each salon comes under the patronage of either the Photographic Society of America or the International Federation of the Photographic Arts (based in France) – in most cases both. There are other organizations such as the Global Photographic Union, but the PSA and the FIAP are the main two. Each organization offers awards based on the number of acceptances in the salons with each award getting higher at each level of acceptances achieved. In June 2018, I received my first – a QPSA from the Photographic Society of America and in June 2019 I received my aFIAP from the Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique..QPSA Cert
With the internationa; salons that I have entered there have been a few occasions that I have received ‘Honourable Mention, but with the PCA Sumadia Circuit, I achieved ‘Salon Gold’1i - this is one of 19 acceptances. It is the first time of getting a 'Salon Gold'