XIII Florence Biennial of Contemporary Art and Design

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I was glad to be invited back for the 2021 showing from the 23rd to the 31st October. This year the theme is ‘Eternal Feminine, Eternal Change’. Although at first I felt that this was concentrating on women artists, I realized that was a totally narrow minded attitude. Male artists throughout history have always appreciated the female contribution to life and portrayed them in their roles – and not just as ‘objects of desire’ (although this does happen both in the fine arts and photographic world). In covering various dance performances, I found that I had three images that portray female dancers in an artistic way that their male counterparts could not hope to achieve. The fourth image I chose which I captured in the Greater London Assembly building on a London Open Day was not my initial intention but a lady had run into the image as I pressed the shutter release on my camera. One of the better ‘accidents’ that can happen in photography. Between the look on the face of the lady in question and the setting, I believe that the title ‘No Escape’ opens the door to discussion on how women are sometimes treated by spouses/partners (or even parents). I was lucky that the management approved my choices to exhibit

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a - Academy of Dance Performance

Academy of Dance Performance

b - Dancer at the Notting Hill Carnival

Dancer at the Notting Hill Carnival, London

c - Dancing in her own world

Dancing In Her Own World

d - No Escape

No Escape